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The Shear Magic Masterton Masters swimming club was formed in 1983 and has been about fun, friendship and competition in Wairarapa for 30 years. Our club caters to adults of all ages from 20s through to 80s and has a vibrant membership that is active all year round with members who were either competitive in their youth or entered the sport as adults.

Masterton Masters certainly has a competitive edge, with many members travelling far and wide to compete in carnivals, open water events triathlon and Ironman. Our club has an easy-going nature; swimmers being able to join as social members without engaging in the competitive side of things. All swimmers are very accepting of new members who quickly enjoy the camaraderie that comes with membership.

The regular Friday night club sessions are run by a very able coach who has a lot of skills in teaching stroke technique and fitness training. Sessions are never boring and members finish each one knowing they have had a workout while also improving their swimming. The coach will cater for individual needs as required, both at the Friday session or any other time suitable.

With a variety of locally organised,regional and national events, swimmers get plenty of opportunities to work towards their personal goals. The main club night is on Fridays from 6-7pm which includes interval training and stroke coaching. Our Sunday morning (Baptism) social session is on from 8:00am - 9:00am.

Events throughout the year include open water swimming: the Sovereign series, Lake Taupo and other ocean swims in the Wellington and Hawkes Bay area. In addition, there are many pool carnivals in other areas such as Levin and Wellington throughout the year, all with a fun and social emphasis.


Monday to Friday: 6am. Informal, self paced session
Saturday and Sunday 8am. Informal, self paced session.
Friday: 5.30pm. Club Night. Coach on deck.

Friday Night Training


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