The Club Kit Bag Results

The Kit Bag has items within it for you to download or interact with.

Membership Form: For new members to sign up. Once completed and submitted your membership will be pending upon payment and authentication. You will be sent an email to confirm your membership is live once the administrator has verified all details. At that stage you will be able to log-in to the website

Newsletters: Paid up members will be able to log-in via the above link and then access the Newsletters page. Newsletters can be read on-line or downloaded. They are in pdf format.

Entry Forms: To help swimmers quickly locate entry forms to the various carnivals and championships around NZ. Visiting swimmers can also download the Shear Magic Sheep Dip Entry Form from here.

Swim Links: A wide range of links are included to help make your experience as a Masters swimmer all the better. If you know of any others that you feel members would like to see, let the web developer know via the Contact Us link below..

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