The Club Kit Bag Results

Masterton Indoor Pool

We have two indoor 25m pools. The newer pool, built in 2004 (Trust House Pool), has seven lanes and is housed in the Genesis Recreation Centre. It was built over the original outdoor 33.3m pool. However, outside there is still a small children's paddling pool, a 10m square pool which has an awesome slide attached to it and a 10m deep dive pool. The oudoor pools are used only in the summer season and are too shallow to swim in.

The older five lane indoor pool, built in 1988, (sometimes referred to as 'the back pool'), sits at the rear of the new pool and is in an adjacent separate building. The outdoor summer facilities, coupled with the two indoor pools probably give Masterton one of the better equipped swimming pool complexes in New Zealand. For a small town, it is very beneficial.

During the week we swim in the Trust House pool at informal early morning sessions.

Club Night is at 5.30pm each Friday and held in the old 25m pool. The 'old pool' is in an adjacent building directly behind the wall with the big red clock and the 'Trust House Indoor Pool' sign. This pool can be seen in all it's glory during a Friday night Club Session in March 2013, by clicking here.

Colour images below show both the former outdoor 33.3m pool and what replaced it - the new indoor pool.

Click on an image and then use the left and right arrows keys or your mouse wheel to view each picture.

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