The Club Kit Bag Results
New Zealand Swimming
New Zealand Masters Swimming Official NZ Masters swim site. One stop shop for those 25 years and above.
New Zealand Swimming Official NZ swim site. One stop shop for the young fellas. Full of useful information.
NZ Swim Info Great for the latest swim results around the regions. Links to regional swim sites.
Masters training times. Going on holiday, or a trip and want to join in another club training session? Then look here.
Overseas Swimming
British Masters Swimming Official UK Masters swim site. Very cool site. Full of really useful information and links
United States Masters Swimming Official USA Masters swim site. Worth visiting on frequent occassions.
Australian Masters Swimming Official Aussie site. Lots of useful links and well worth spending some time visiting.
Australian Masters results Stunning interactive website for Australian Masters meet results. Shows individual and State records for all age group ranges. We should all do it this way (if only!). Well worth a peruse.
Technical stuff
Swim Smooth Want to learn how to swim smart? This site will help - the content and presentation is excellent.
Swimming technique and more Packed with quality information on how to swim all disciplines and much more.
Swim Etiquette
One person's view Includes a video and talks about why not to pee in the pool !
Another person's view More advice on this universal problem.
A triathlete has his say "It's no fun getting kicked by a breaststroker". You think...
USA Masters viewpoint Rule number 6 - are you guilty?.
Lap Swimming Etiquette 101 Five pages on how not to be, "A Fool In The Pool"
How not to do it Sure to cause Pool Rage
Eeek ! "...swimming freestyle with closed fists is a fairly effective way of getting people out of your lane...."
World Masters Results
FINA link to World Masters Championships Results of the swimming, synchro, diving, water polo and open water events
Swimming is Life This is why we swim. Excellent video by the USA Masters.
Shoulder Strength Prevent future injury or just to get stronger.
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